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How It Works

Commission Plan For Our Affiliate Partners

Customers take part in our PayBack Pool automatically. If you recommend more customers to us, we pay the following commissions in our Affiliate Program up to 4 Levels with a lucrative Mentor bonus.

The Affiliate Levels are:
Level1:     10% of the sold Clickpack
Level2:       5% of the sold Clickpack
Level3:       1% of the sold Clickpack*
Level4:       3% of the sold Clickpack**
Orga-Bonus:     1% of the sold Volume of the own Organisation***

* Starting at qualified Position: Success Builder
** Starting at qualified Position: 1K Diamond Team
*** Starting at qualified Position: President 1 Star

Customers are buying Clickpacks to advertise. Clickpacks are an internal Unit to buy Traffic for a Website or another campaign which is available on our Site. A Clickpack cost $30- US Dollars. With a Clickpack you can pay any product, service and offer in AdzBay

40% of the value of a Clickpack goes into our PayBack pool where every customer will benefit from. This way every customer takes part in our success story. The PayBack Pool is dynamic but since we´ve founded AdzBay  it has paid out every single day for every active Clickpacks.

The size of the Pool depends on the amount of Clickpacks we've sold recently. In addition there are more streams of revenue fill up this Pool.