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My name is Armin Sailer, and I am the Face behind Adzbay.

The Reason why I founded Adzbay ?
Well, I will explain the Reasons for this in some sentences.

I was long time working as Entrpreneur for many other programs and as Leader of my team I always was their contact person #1 when they had questions or problems. I remembered very soon, that many People of my team asked me a lot things about the products and services of the Networks. They asked me as example, why a service was offered from them, but the results were very different to the offer. Other team Members had a wishlist with services, they couldn´t find on these Networks. And every profi knows, you can just earn money, when you sell. And if a product or service is not available, then you can not sell this.

In the meanwhile I had different conferences with some experts who know the business very well since many years, and so we were working together on a solution, which is the best choice for Customer and also for Affiliates. We decided together to go a different way in marketing and a compensation plan to offer the best value for everybody.
The result is: